2020 turned out to be a write-off for most industries.
Hence, if we penned a list of this year’s pros and cons, it’s safe to say the cons would outweigh the pros. The truth is, wherever you are in the world, 2020 was likely a challenging time for you and everyone you care about.

The good news?

Hirav Shah Quotes, “In 2020, amidst dark clouds, there was a silver lining as well
Yes, Celebrated Business Astrologer and Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah lists down 5 impressive inventions of 2020, for Humanity, for us to take a note now..

1. Van Robotics Abii

Continued expansion of remote working, studying and videoconferencing has seen rapid growth during the pandemic, and it will likely continue growing in 2021.

Zoom, which grew from a startup in 2011 to going public in 2019, became a household name during the pandemic. Other existing large corporate tools such as Cisco’s Webex, Microsoft’s Teams, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and Verizon’s BlueJeans are also providing state-of-the-art videoconferencing systems, facilitating remote work across the globe.

Many new ventures are emerging in the remote working sector. Startups Bluescape, Eloops, Figma, Slab, and Tandem have all provided visual collaboration platforms enabling teams to create and share content, interact, track projects, train employees, run virtual team-building activities, and more.

Meanwhile virtual learning’s “technology” was taken a few notches higher, and the revolutionary “Van Robotics Abii” was developed. ABii is a smart robot that personalizes every K-5 math and reading lesson with fun social interactions.
ABii works with any wifi-enabled device (Windows, Mac, iPad, Android tablet) to illustrate important concepts.

ABii adapts her instruction and social interactions for every student. When a student misses a question, ABii gives step-by-step guidance on how to get to the right answer. ABii also uses her engaging personality to encourage, redirect and celebrate student successes! Fist bumps, high fives and dance parties come included.

My favourite thing about ABii is when we get a question right, she dances!
-said a 4th grade student

I like ABii because it shows us, when we get the question wrong, it shows us another way to do it
— expressed a 3rd grade student

2.Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit

The most impressive and revolutionary innovation is Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit which is developed by Microsoft and Logitech together. It is priced at $99 to enable users to plug in their preferred controls setup. In this kit, the players get 10 buttons, two triggers, and hooks, pads, loops along with other assorted gear that further enhances the ability of the users to customise their controllers while gaming.

Certainly Revolutionary Isn’t It !

3.Sony PlayStation 5

Sony PS5 is powered by a custom processor and graphics engine to offer an immersive gaming experience with high-fidelity visuals, including 4K graphics, ray-tracing support, ultra-super-fast SSD with integrated I/O for lightning-fast loading of games. Sony console retail box also includes the new DualSense Wireless Controller.

Sony PlayStation 5 is definitely one of the largest video-game consoles ever made. From games loading almost instantaneously to graphics processor being almost 10 times faster than that of previous versions, TIME even quoted that this Sony’s product “ just may be the most powerful video-game console we’ve ever seen.”

4. Augmedics xvision

Several years of RnD produced a really huge thing in 2020, the most groundbreaking innovation in the medical field that can save numerous lives. Its the Augmedics xvision. Its pioneering xvision system, the first augmented reality navigation technology to be used in surgery, allows surgeons to see the patient’s anatomy through skin and tissue as if they have “x-ray vision,” allowing them to more accurately navigate instruments and implants during procedures.

As per the product description, the headset superimposes a three-dimensional image of the patient’s for instance, spine over their body and gives the surgeons an insight to see what is beneath the skin without deviating from the operation table.

5. Abbott’s BinaxNOW Rapid Test

The most radical breakthrough in 2020 for humanity, was certainly “Abbott’s BinaxNOW Rapid Test”.
Diagnostic tests to detect SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, can take days to deliver results. But that limbo time between is crucial. Spotting the novel virus as early as possible can signal infectious people to isolate themselves, and help contact tracers identify and notify anyone they’ve been in close quarters with. Since March, countless new offerings to evaluate the population’s infection rates have hit clinics, but one rises above the rest: Abbott’s BinaxNOW rapid test, which received emergency-use authorization from the FDA in August. It detects COVID in fifteen minutes for around $5 per test—and without the need for specialized lab equipment.


Despite the upheaval the coronavirus pandemic has brought, uneasy times also set a course for innovation. Radial, revolutionary and ground-breaking innovations that has indeed brought in a dramatic change in the lives of innumerable people.

And all of these were achieved due to strategizing and channelizing of energies in proper direction, apart from the obvious use of minds and the resources”, says Hirav Shah, Astro-Strategist cum Business Astrologer.

If these innovations can change lives dramatically, why can’t we do it for ourselves.
Our own lives, careers and businesses !!
Well to this, there is a perfect remedy and the most amazing “way out”.
Yes, Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah is just a question away from you.
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