To Get Sales Timeline for Unsold Properties in Advance – Mumbai-based Real Estate Tycoon Collaborates with Astro Strategist Hirav Shah

The face of crises and uncertainty has been haunting real estate groups, especially those in metro cities with the rising unsold inventory. Shift in consumer behavior has led to a change in management strategies of all businesses. Usually depending on financial analysts & legal strategists, Real Estate developers are now also turning to Astro Strategist Hirav Shah for guidance and visionary strategy for success.

Mr. Hirav Shah has many successes to his credit. Renowned Mumbai-based real estate developer had a massive ‘UNSOLD INVENTORY’. With only 20% bookings received, he had a number of elite apartments, penthouses and mid segment flats left to sell. The leads had stopped coming in, inquiries had gone silent. This situation gave rise to issues like payment of loans, payment to suppliers, a lot of unanswered questions of the buyers, staff & investors and huge uncertainty due to COVID-19.

With fading hope, he approached Hirav Shah. He says, “I was honestly out of answers. I did not know how to proceed. All the doors seemed closed. My prime reason to take Hirav Shah’s help was that I needed some certainty at that time. I was referred to Hirav by a well known Realtor friend who is executing Marketing, Sales and Advertising strategies for multiple ongoing projects successfully under his guidance. Hirav’s great track record and the fact that he takes clients through referral only, assured me of his genuine work & reliability. In a time full of doubts, questions and losses – he gave me an advance timeline for when my properties have a chance to sell out along with the estimated income my Company will generate. Today I can see the difference it has made. His strategic collaboration with my company gradually got us out of the crisis, and we are now back on track. Working with Hirav has increased our sales and our confidence.

Hirav Shah is a pioneer in providing a timeline for clearance of unsold properties.  He has an astounding global presence with a powerful influence in the fields of Real Estate, Sports, Entertainment, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tourism, Hospitality, Corporate Business, Politics & more. His strategy is a combination of his vast experience in diverse business sectors and principles of Astro Science. Together Hirav generates a winning strategy for his clients to maximize their achievements.

About his work, Hirav said, “Whenever I talk to a businessman who is struggling to survive the market or achieve his goals, the first thing I do is understand the potential of the project and then compare it with the current situation. This GAP analysis is a guiding factor in creating a strategy for that company. My mantra is – why earn less when you have the potential to earn more!

His explanation of potential is quite interesting. He says, “Most Entrepreneurs have one thing in common & that is FEAR. This fear holds us back from unleashing our full potential. This fear will be defeated when they have certainty of success. So suppose you tell a developer, your unsold properties will be sold out in the next 9 months, his confidence will be unmatched! It really helps to make strategies accordingly. I believe certainty can change your life.”

A prominent Architect in the industry says, “Introducing Hirav Shah as part of your strategic team, can help you reap the benefits of your efforts with certainty and give you a long-term strategy for better conversions & recurring income in the future as well,”.
Unsold inventory continues to strangle real estate groups and it has been the cause of many loan defaults. Just imagine if you can know a ‘Sales Timeline’ in advance.

Astrology is the only tool that can give you the guidelines in advance. With clear goals in mind, and the perfect timeline of getting there – Success becomes CERTAIN.

Getting Sales Timeline for Unsold Properties in Advance with the help of Astro Strategist is the Future.
There are a lot of reasons not to do something, but only one is enough to do it – You want Change!

The World is constantly changing, but are You?