Astro Predictions – Fashion Trend for Men :

Return to basics : 1950’ and 1970’
Padded jackets,
Executive class look,
Bottled Green trousers and Hoodie, Leather Trousers,
Cargo shorts (6 or 3 pockets) with belt,
Woodstock Hair,
Fur shirts,
White, Gray highlight colored hair
Oversized eyeglasses frames

Astro Predictions : Fashion Trend for Women :

Affordable fashion will be mantra of 2018

Plastic Fashion : clothes, accessories, shoes, bags etc
Check print
Check print trousers
Fringe looks from dresses to coats
Leopard print jackets
Buckle Shoes, Boot and flat shoes
Colors : Lavender, Green, Ice Cream and bold color
Floral footwear, Cinderella shoes
Oversized Jewelry
Fisherman Bags, net bags
Multiple bags
Hair : Retro 80’s trend – Natural and silver color, straight, ponytails, curl with high volume and bouncy hair, Scrunchies, Hair Bands, Wet look

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