As technology is playing a vital role in today’s world, all business and marketing techniques are being implemented on noted social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Aiming at the new-age customers, the management from top companies to start-up firms are banking widely on digital advertisements to promote their products/ideas, says business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

Considering the present marketing scenario, social media platforms Facebook and Instagram are serving as the best advertising sources for the advertisers, says Hirav Shah.

But one common question raised among the advertising companies is which among the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram is more influential?

In his analysis, Astro strategist Hirav Shah comes up with some key points regarding the promotional techniques on Facebook and Instagram.

Firstly, for any online or offline business to build-up your presence, advertising on maximum more social media platforms is very important. But many of the advertisers tilts towards the source which has wider reach among all available promotional platforms in the market. This is the time you should be very careful in taking a wise decision, advises Hirav Shah to all the advertisers.

Drawing comparisons between advertising platforms Facebook and Instagram, Hirav Shah comes up with a step by step explanation.

1. Among Facebook and Instagram, which social media platform has a wider reach?

A) Facebook

Having approximately 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is a very active social media platform for over a decade. Adding to it Facebook is the parent company of Instagram which is a known fact.

B) Instagram

As per the statistics, approximately 800 million people use Instagram on a daily basis which is evident that the platform has the potential to reach a maximum of eight hundred million people per day.

In a quick comparison, Facebook has a wider reach compared to Instagram in terms of user activity.

2) Demographics of Facebook and Instagram?

Among all the Instagram users, fifty-eight percent are female with an age group ranging between 18-29. Usually, they access the account through mobile devices for an average time of fifteen minutes.

Coming to Facebook, in this digital platform also most of the users are said to be female. Reportedly, almost fifty-two percent of the female are using FB actively and from those age group ranging between 18 -29 are contributing a whopping 88% and their average usage time is thirty-five minutes on daily basis.

From the above case, promoting female-oriented businesses is good in both the platforms. Advertising on both social media platforms yields fruitful results.

3) Which platform is more engaging?

A) Comparatively, Instagram posts bring more brand engagement then Facebook, says Hirav Shah.

Talk among digital marketing circles is that no other social media comes close to Instagram’s engagement rate.

4) Is it a good idea to run ads on both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously?

In order to increase your scales, running ads on both the platforms is a smart idea, says Hirav Shah.

Apart from getting access to wider opportunities, advertisers can run the ads on both the platforms through a single channel named Facebook ads.

Through Facebook ads, one can customize and manage Instagram advertisements. In case, you are not having an Instagram account, then also one can access ads you the parent platform Facebook.

5) Which platform has more authenticity and optimization options for advertising our product?

Coming to Instagram Ads optimization, Ads page allows users to create photo ads, video ads which one can come across during scrolling down the Instagram feed.

Instagram has the option of running ads through stories and with a call to action buttons.

In Instagram, ads can be filtered based on the gender, age groups for a quick reach of the business to the targeted customers.

In Facebook ads, it offers a common ad promoting platform through which the ads can be optimized based on gender, age and language.

Based on the demographics and the connections to your pages, one can add or remove people from the total group.

To conclude, business and Astro strategist Hirav Shah opinions that both the social media platforms are a good choice to run ads and for generating satisfactory results. They may have differences in the demographics and post engagement fields but digital marketing on these platforms will not be having a major difference in the reach out.