In the sports profession, one knows that competition can be as fierce as it is for athletes on the field. To climb to the position one wants, they have to be good at networking. First thing is one should know where to market themselves. Professionals who network have a greater chance of finding their dream job down the road. One could have a huge advantage over others vying for the same job if you know someone in a position of authority. Networking can even lead to random opportunities that you might not expect says Celebrated Sports Astrologer, Adviser & Strategist, Hirav Shah

Below are the ways as listed by Hirav Shah, to build networking for a successful career in the sports industry.

1.Cultivate Professional Relationships

Network building takes time and effort, but building professional relationships while in school and while working in entry-level positions is crucial to landing the job one wants in a sports-related field.
In other words, never expect someone to just offer a job or an internship — internalize now that one must build professional relationships in order to advance in the workforce later.

2.Understand the Different Types of Networking

Today, technology is all around us, and it provides us with more than one way to interact with others, but one should be mindful of the benefits of both virtual and interpersonal networking.

a.Digital Networking: Digital Networking Via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and email are just a few of the social media platforms that give the ability to reach out to someone at the push of a button. This adds simplicity to setting up times to meet and asking for written information. Social media also makes information about a person readily available to friends of that person and/or the public. One must do some research on the people they want to include in their network, so one can have the right questions ready when actually meeting them.

b.In-Person Networking: Sometimes, the most effective way to contact professionals in this industry is to meet them in person. One has a better chance of making a memorable impression, and these people can put a face to a name. So, meet with people over the phone or in-person to make closer, more meaningful connections.

3.Be Aware of Networking Resources

As a sport industry student or professional, one has more than just instructors at their disposal. While staff and faculty at the university one attended can be a wealth of knowledge, look into some other ways to make connections and gain more information about the sports industry. It is vital to learn about different sport forums, sport publications and even podcasts.

4.Study a course or a workshop

A course is a great way to study alongside the industry peers, plus one can have access to all the professional networks of their teachers, who are often industry professionals themselves. Make sure when choosing the institution, that they also come along with their own established industry contacts, and offer a work placement program. If one doesn’t have the time or interest in signing up for a full time course, take a look online at professional development workshops going on in the city. Workshops are a great way to network, while learning new skills.


Success in the world of sports is a collective effort, and success multiplies when people help one another. Your network will be one of your most powerful tools when it comes to career advancement — so prepare your elevator pitch and start connecting now, Says Hirav Shah, Leading Sports Astrologer Of The Country.

Pertaining to businesses and all other sectors, Business Astrologer™, Adviser, Astro-Strategist & Thought Leader, Hirav Shah Opines-

Networking allows you access to opportunities you might not be able to find on your own. Your network has the potential to provide you with insight into different fields, information on what potential employers / clients look for and advice on how you can improve professionally or business wise. If you are willing to form and maintain the relationship, a single contact could get you into meetings or interviews with several companies /clients without you having to work to form connections at each one.

Effective networking can save you time, effort and stress, so knowing how to use it effectively can be a powerful tool for your professional development.

But, in these times struggling businesses still have an iota of doubt about the next massive action to be taken. Even established businesses also don’t have the clarity. A business strategist as visionary, practical, experienced & approachable as Hirav Shah can lead you through the processes that will help you determine who you are, where you want to go, how you will get there, and how you will measure success. Hirav Shah’s Astro-Analysis can help you take on business challenges with confidence & certainty.

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