Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
Today, there has been a paradigm shift in the way we look at the process of education. The new normal has become ‘the normal’ – Says Hirav Shah, Celebrated Business Strategist & Astrologer.

Meanwhile, India has one of the largest student populations in the world — over 260 million in K-12 education alone — with more joining the fray every year.
Hence, a country that is tasked with training, coaching, and skilling such an enormous number of young people requires efforts and policies at all levels.

In this article, Hirav Shah explains the educational institutes’ marketing strategies, that professionals in the education sector need to know about in 2021.

1. Traditional Marketing

There are very few schools, colleges and educational institutes that are not leveraging social media.
The owners of these educational institutes believe in traditional marketing that includes newspapers and billboard/banner ads.
They are impactful as well. Also eye catchy. Traditional Marketing indeed helps in brand & authenticity building.

2.SEO Strategy

The main goal is to rank the website of your institution to as top as possible on the search engine, for that a well-chartered SEO strategy has to be planned out. This needs a lot of study of search engine algorithms and behaviour. Once the page is ranking upwards, then it becomes 50 times more likely to be clicked on than the previous time, due to the basic psychology of the user and the average amount of patience internet users have. SEO strategy is important for educational institute marketing.

3.Digital Marketing

Educational institute marketing or advertising on the digital medium has to be done professionally because the students who lookup for such institutions mean serious business. They need to be sure about what will be next and how this institution will help them in achieving that.

Effective Digital marketing has to be performed in this case, the advantages must be well illustrated and explained in a way that it actually makes sense, it should be impactful and shall capture the attention with the backup of the quality your institution will provide.

But How?

a. Target Audience

Whenever you think to promote schools, colleges and institutes on social media, you need to understand the target audience. Facebook allows to target the audience based on age, education qualification, interest, demographics, and many other things.

For instance, to promote an engineering college you need to target those students who are studying higher secondary schools in a science stream. You can eliminate other students who are studying in streams like commerce and arts.

b. Promote Facilities/Activities

Using Facebook and Instagram ads, you can promote videos based on the facilities you provide at the schools or institutes. Also, you could promote other activities. The video-based visual content will bring more value to your institute, certainly.

c. Less Expensive

Social media marketing is way cheaper than newspaper, television and radio ads.
To promote a full-page newspaper ad, you need to spend more than lac rupees. Whereas, digital marketing provides the most affordable and easier way for online marketing.

d. Re-marketing:

When you promote an ad campaign on social media, you can display the ad multiple time to the same user. This is essentially called Re-marketing and for educational institutes, this definitely works.

e. Ask Questions / Get Feedback from Parents

You can target specific parents whose child is studying in your school or college.
By simply asking them a question related to education or by getting feedback from parents, you are providing value to the parent.That’s how you can build a healthy conversation with parents also.

Why Ask

Traditional educational institutions have so far released over hundreds of educational apps. Besides education apps, the e-learning market is also saturated with online courses, videos, eBooks, and websites, making it nearly impossible for a new product or service to get noticed without a carefully planned marketing strategy.
To stand out in the crowd, “its wise to consult and take a second opinion from a expert”
Meanwhile, Corporate Expert & Astro-Strategist, Hirav Shah believes in taking massive action & has formulated strategies to aid some the leading businesses make the right strategic bets, based on absolute certainty & clarity of results.

So, Are You Ready To Build A Brand For Your Institute Now?
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