Do you love cooking? Are you a self-professed foodie? Are you obsessed with the Food Network? Billions of people are flocking to the food industry in order to metaphorically take a bite of the fun and literally take a bite of what’s on the table. We recently spoke to the celebrated Astro Strategist™ and Business astrologer Hirav Shah about his opinion on the development of the food industry and what kind of jobs we can expect to boom in the coming years.

Hirav Shah, who has created a niche for himself by giving customized consultation to high profile clientele belonging to specific segments like Business, entertainment, and corporate, not just in India but overseas too, tells us that the employment of chefs expected to grow 15% by 2028, which is much faster than average job growth. He reveals that this growth, while promising, also means there’s a huge amount of competition to make it in this industry in the “traditional” way as a chef. Opening a restaurant isn’t any easier with 60 percent of restaurants failing within their first year and 80 percent failing in the first five years.

There are other ways to break into this industry, though! Hirav Shah says that if you’re looking for some unique food industry jobs that can help you make your passion your career, here are a few awesome options.

Food Truck Jobs

Food truck jobs are on the rise almost as fast as chef jobs, growing 9% every single year since 2011. In 2019, the food truck industry is worth a whopping $1 billion, which just goes to show how many opportunities there are!

Perhaps the most obvious opportunity is to own a truck yourself! This can be any type of cuisine that you’re passionate about, and it can be in any location you choose. Trucks allow you to follow the lunch crowds to their work and the bar crowds late at night unlike with “regular” restaurants. This can increase your likelihood of having success and finding customers!

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can simply own and manage various trucks. If you’re more of a creative with a knack for cooking, you can become a chef and owner.

Food truck catering is another lucrative opportunity you can try. Parties, weddings, festivals, and events are all common places that require this type of catering.

Food Taster Jobs

If you’re one of those foodies we mentioned earlier, your dream job involves eating a lot, right? Well, in the form of food taster that job exists.

But don’t think this is going to be a piece of cake (unless you’re testing cake). Food tasters require to have an incredible palette and hone their skills in order to evaluate all types of cuisine. Professional food tasters are usually highly educated in food sciences and are often food developers or technicians. Many are also critics, chefs, and/or scientists.

Organizations will hire professional tasters to evaluate various samples of products and give detailed reviews and notes of those products. This can have a great impact on these businesses, which means food tasters have a crucial role in the industry.

For example, Ben and Jerry’s employs “flavor gurus ” that are responsible for taste-testing and coming up with new flavors for the famous ice cream brand.

Food Writer Jobs

Are you a great writer with a passion for food? Food writer jobs might be your ticket to the food industry.

There is a wide variety of options for you including a food critic, a journalist for a food magazine, menu creator, a scriptwriter/producer for food television shows, blogger, recipe creator, and more!

There are a number of businesses, websites, and apps all dedicated to eating and drinking. And that means opportunities for writers. Copywriters, content writers, email writers, and more are all positions that are required by food businesses and restaurants, just like any other business!

Food Technology Jobs

Food scientists and food technology jobs are another necessity that many people think is a dream job. These scientists use their knowledge of chemistry and nutrition in order to craft new products, foods, and drinks.

Plant-based foods, for example, are quickly becoming one of the hottest food industry commodities today. Scientists have to formulate how to use plant products in order to create faux “meat”, “mayonnaise”, “milk”, and more all while maintaining flavor and adequate nutrition.

Genetically modified foods have a bad reputation, but food scientists are using genetics to modify things to grow without the need for harmful pesticides, have increased nutritional content, grow faster, and feed more mouths around the world!

More Than Just Chefs

Hirav Shah tries to give you a great variety of food industry jobs that range in necessary skills from business to cooking to writing to chemistry. From this shortlist, you can see the range and variety of careers that go beyond line cook or head chef.

Hopefully, one of these piqued your interest and made you hungry for more (pun definitely intended).