Personalization of your customer service can guarantee that the customer will come back to buy more from you. If it gives a feeling that you care for them, customers will leave rave reviews about your company and you will definitely succeed on the market. It provides the opportunity to make your goods and company unique, and help distinguish your company from others in the industry, Opines Hirav Shah, Business Adviser And Strategist.

Hirav Shah Adds, the service needs to be more personalised even more in 2021.
But how?
Shah Analyses Below:


While the customer is the key to any business, it is also essential to trace them and get their feedback about the company. A lot of businesses are considered to face losses on the grounds of missing out what customer needs while striving for better in a completely wrong direction. not only random sampling should be done for the same but also classify the same into workable categories.

Before getting to the roles and benefits, let’s first analyse what is customer service and how can it be personalized? – Says Hirav Shah.

What is Customer Service?

When a consumer takes a product or a service from any company, it just might be possible that he requires some clarification upon the directions of use or terms of use for the same. Any assistance provided by the seller to the buyer is called customer service if the buyer is an existing user to the same.

How can Customer Service be personalized proactively ?

A customer can contact the company over any platform. All such platforms are called the touch points. These touch points when covered by support channels, they are called the omnichannel support. Omnichannel support can be delivered through: Website, App, Social Media, Mail, Text/Call.
There are a variety of ways you can provide truly personalized customer service, but here are the 4 best ways listed by Hirav Shah.

1. Always Use Your Customer’s First Name

This is customer service personalization 101. It is absolutely essential to use your customer’s name whenever you interact with them. The reason for this goes back to one of the basic tenets of customer service, rooted in psychology. When you use someone’s name, you acknowledge their importance, which plays into their ego – a powerful force to leverage! It is also a great way to capture someone’s attention, as we are psychologically conditioned to pay attention to our own name.

2.Listen to Feedback

Feedback is a powerful customer service tool. It is extremely useful for companies as it allows them to improve their products, services, and procedures to meet the needs of the people they are designed to support: their customers. Additionally, the very act of collecting customer feedback shows people that you appreciate their opinion.

3.Give Users a Personalized Website Experience

Perhaps you never thought about it this way, but the experience your users get when they visit your website is part of their overall customer experience. Therefore, providing a great user experience is part of good customer service. Research confirms the effectiveness/efficacy of website personalization: according to a 2016 study by Everage, 89% of U.S. marketers reported an increase in revenue following website personalization. You can use custom overlay, special messages and displays aimed towards specific users to achieve that individualized website experience.

4. Enhance User Loyalty At The End Of The Day

The Crux Is That –

The services given to the customers can be personalized by addressing the user by name instead of a generalized “Dear User” kind of message. Next, the problem and its details should be listed down and then the probable solutions to those problems should be listed initially.

An expected time should be given by when the problem is deemed to be resolved if to be done at the company’s end. A follow-up contact detail should be given followed by the feedback form. The service outreach should conclude with a greeting that induces a sense of belongingness to the customer as this last hook is elementary in getting the customer back and also to increase user loyalty.


While delivering personalised customer service, businesses have pinned high hopes this year. They are hoping things to fructify in a few months, but there seems to be an iota of doubt obviously.
This doubt can be cleared through certainty, a crystal clear vision and a plan of action and all of these can be achieved through Astro-Strategy and Only Astro-Strategy, Concludes Hirav Shah, Leading Astro-Strategist And Business Astrologer™.