As they say, “जाको राखे साईंयां, मार सके ना कोय।बाल न बांका करी सके जो जग बैरी होय!” As long as the divine power is with you, as long as the power to survive against all odds is burning inside you…no danger can harm you!

Sajjan Singh Thakur, who works for a leading newspaper as a journalist was shattered when he and his two young daughters tested positive for COVID19 in the month of June. The determination to fight this disease out of their family became stronger even though there were scary stories floating around. They were kept in quarantine for 17 days and the battle for survival started. His wife Ginny Singh stood by her husband and daughters like a rock in these hard times. Sajjan Singh suffered symptoms like fever, lack of breath, and weariness. His BP was also going down and there was a panic kind of situation in his family. Ginny Singh took care of all the three members more than any wife or a mother can take. She gave them hot water with lemon, Tulsi water, Haldi Wala Doodh, Steam vaporizer, good healthy food three times a day along with all medications prescribed.

And the biggest thing that marked their journey from being positive to negative was the motivational support he got from his family and friends. Watching positive movies, comedy movies that bring a smile on the faces, reading literature, Bhagwadgita helped him a lot to overcome this dreadful disease. The quarantine which was supposed to last for 17 days, ended in just 12 days as they tested negative and were discharged.

Having a positive mindset and getting support from the family were his biggest weapons to fight this pandemic.
The connotation of being “a positive person” in life has changed sharply post COVID. It is better to be called a “negative person” in medical terms that might decide our social status too. Amidst all the negativity that is transforming the most optimistic people into depressed souls, there are a few points to ponder. These views are not of an expert but of a layman – a COVID survivor whose two daughters along with him had tested positive on June 23 and who received discharge letters on July 4, home isolation having been reduced from 17 to 12 days.

The battle against COVID is long and hard but all is not lost. There are positive sides to the battle that needs to be looked at too.

1. Faster ambulance service, quick hospital admission, easy hospital bed availability, and enhanced ICU capacity among the things being discussed both by the central and state governments, it is hoped, will certainly make the scenario better.

2. According to media reports, the WHO says that there are currently 136 potential candidates for a Covid-19 vaccine across the world while 21 of them have reached the human clinical trial stage. That is another piece of good news.

3. The plasma donors have been proven as an effective solution for the recovery of moderate patients. Gurugram is likely to become the second NCR city after Delhi to set up a plasma bank for COVID patients.

4 If the general atmosphere of positivity is maintained, recovery happens faster than the usually-long duration of over 15 days.

5. With reports of cops, medical and para-medical staff being threatened or harassed appearing in plenty, social media has come handy to expose the perpetrators.

7. While there is no poor-rich divide in the COVID sphere, with celebrities getting infected, it is precaution and alertness that help in a big way. Between the two extremes of “it’s nothing but flu” and the ones scared to hell, we need a healthy balance of fearlessness and precautions. To those under home isolation, it is advisable to read books and watch your favorite movies to keep your spirits up. That alone helps, besides medicines. Meditation or prayers and some yoga asanas will certainly change your approach to fight the disease. One can also chant Vedic mantras and read Bhagwadgita to lessen the intensity of Mars and the disease-causing Ketu.

8. For the society as a whole, it is incumbent upon us not to make COVID patients feel like an outcast and do everything to make them feel that they are fine, by sending warm wishes and calling relatives/attendants – especially if under home isolation. A COVID patient is a normal human being and needs to be respected and deserve to be treated well.

9. So, it is most important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and spare time for your children, family, and friends that take care of your overall wellness.

Lastly, Be “negative” medically and positive in life.