Cori “Coco” Gauff (born March 13, 2004) is an American tennis player. She is a former world No. 1 junior, having won one junior Grand Slam singles title and another in doubles. She was the runner-up in the girls’ singles event at the 2017 US Open, making her the youngest finalist at the event in the tournament’s history.

Coco Gauff  is a Number 4 (13 = 1+3=4) person. Number 4 is ruled by Rahu. Those born on 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st on any month called Number 4 people. 

Number 4 people are very consistent, Intelligent and hardworking people. They believe in perfection. They love food too. They are little bit unpredictable. 

Great personalities like Beyonce (September 4), Thiago Silva (September 22), October 13 (Tiffany Trump), Gerard Butler(November 13), Scarlett Johansson (November 22), Jay Z (December 4), Taylor Swift (December 13), PSY (December 31), Justin Timberlake (january 31),  all are number 4 people.

Her Destiny Number is 5 (1+3+4+2+0+0+4=14=1+4=5). Number 5 is ruled by Mercury a very good in communication and understanding.  Her Zodiac Sign is Pisces and its ruled by Jupiter=Number 3.

Future : 

Coco is now into her 16th(1+6=7=Ketu) year. 2019 adds to 3=Jupiter and 2020 adds to 4 which is ruled by Rahu. This coming year may bring her lots of opportunities and popularity on the media and endorsement front. At the age of 19 she will be on top. 

In short Coco Gauff is the future of Women’s Tennis says Hirav Shah. 

God Bless !