Recently during a conversation we had with renowned Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah, he talked about the impact of Astrology on the Business and Career sector in recent times. He revealed that the 32-year-old Aishwarya Sinha had to shut down her travel agency business in April this year, following the COVID-19 lockdown, she called her newly-married cousin in the US, whose business had been strategized accurately by him. She is now following the ‘remedies’ and strategies suggested by Mr.Hirav Shah and has now again stood up and started a joint venture with one big multinational company on his advice. That speaks a lot about how even the younger generation has come to realize the power of Astrology.

Hirav Shah reveals, “In a country where members of every second household rush to see their daily forecast in the newspaper every morning, astrological consultations have become an over $10-billion business, with around half of it now coming from online portals, as COVID-19 has made social distancing an absolute must.”

Not just individuals, even the biggest of multinational companies are hiring corporate astrologers for maximizing their efforts and for global leadership. The role of a Corporate Astrologer has become more important in the present scenario.

For astrological points of view, a Corporate Entity is ruled by various individuals which include the CEO or Managing Directors. The horoscopes of these key persons become of paramount importance for its smooth running operations and its growth prospects. If these aspects are taken care of at the time of appointment of the key managerial people then there will be very good chances of success of a body corporate.

Hirav Shah tells us that the analysis of the horoscopes of the key persons of the organization helps us in identifying the areas of investment and selecting the line of business. This is very important for the success of the project. Here, the horoscope analysis tells about the suitability of various persons for specified jobs. The availability of the project finance, once the project has been decided again depends on the sentiments of the stock market and economic conditions.

It calls for tactical analysis so the efforts put in for the initial public offer or seeking project finance from the financial institutions are successful.

As per Hirav Shah each member of the top management team should have:

  1. Optimum leadership quality for planning, organizing, and monitoring the area of his/her operations which is represented by the Sun.
  2. Good analytical power to make the best decisions in the available circumstances which are governed by Mercury.
  3. Supportive temperament of other members of the team which is governed by Venus.
  4. Intuitive power in managerial decision-making, which is jointly represented by the Sun and Jupiter.
  5. Capacity to keep all concerned well-informed about the activities, which is governed by the moon.
  6.  Stamina required for the implementation of the project which is represented by Mars.
  7. Developing the Senior and Line managers for taking as various positions for operations that are governed by Jupiter.
  8. Trustworthiness and continued relationship which is governed by Jupiter and the Sun.

Various planets govern the above mentioned managerial attributes. The Horoscope analysis of the new entrant for the management team gives an insight that is so significant that it can not be overlooked. None of the scientific tools or present management for recruiting personnel can substitute for the horoscope analysis. Not only the horoscope tells the basic capabilities but it also tells whether the person in question could be able to use his or her capabilities for the benefit of the project. This report includes:

  1. Names for Corporate or Multinational Companies
  2. Technical suggestions for Name of Products, Fonts for Letterheads, their Colors, and Sizes.
  3. Remedial Actions or gems for CEO or Key Persons for maximizing their efforts and for global leadership
  4. Suggestions in case your business or company is not giving desired results

While the weaknesses and strengths of the persons under consideration can be calculated through the horoscope analysis, Astrology does not help only in chartering the course of lives of persons but it also helps in chartering the course of Business enterprises, Institutions and Nations.

Hirav Shah concludes by saying that. “Building Your Business, Building Your Brand, Your Career with the Power of Astrology is a widely accepted phenomenon now.”