To build an ever-growing business, it is essential to building great products and services. But it is also important to create the brand identity in the minds of people by conveying values and what the business stands for. Branding helps in connecting people and turning them into loyal customers. Branding companies across the world have been trying to connect people to a brand through various strategies, says Business Strategist, Consultant, Advisor, and thought leader Hirav Shah.

According to Shah, Branding is important as it helps you achieve good positioning in the minds of your customers and also sets you apart from your competition. Deciding not to build a brand for your business, products or services is actually detrimental to you as you easily get lost in the throng of similar businesses/people which are in the same industry as you; unless of course yours is a monopoly business or blue ocean business idea or strategy,”.

Why is branding important?

There is no right way to brand a business. It is all about creating a unique identity. When you hear the words, “I’m lovin’ it”, what do you think? You instantly think about McDonald’s. This is what branding does and that’s why it is important. Imbibing an image of a business is what branding solutions do. It doesn’t matter whether the business is small or medium or big, having a unique identity of the brand helps in building a long-lasting business. To make the brand stand out from the crowd, branding is important. It helps businesses in creating individuality through creative approaches.

What are the basic requirements for branding?

The first thing needed for branding is a logo. A logo is an artwork, graphic design, or symbol which represents a business, community, organization, or individual. It reflects what the brand is about. One of the vital reasons for designing a logo is to help customers remember the brand. It has a powerful recall value. So, having a logo is beneficial. It will be related to your name of the business, initials, or some other significant aspect of a business. Brands should give inputs about colors, designs, and expectations to branding agencies to design a logo.

The next thing needed for branding is a tagline. The logo is not enough to convey everything about the business. So, the tagline should be added to add value to the logo. The tagline can be used in any language. It should be simple, witty, and self-explanatory. Along with the logo, it helps in establishing a powerful recall value in the minds of people.

As the ‘always online’ era has emerged, it is important to have a website and social media accounts. People have smartphones and they want everything on fingertips. If the brand has an online presence, it helps people in connecting with the brand easily. Attractive and innovative website design makes a certain impression on visitors. Along with the attractive design, it is essential to make the website optimized for the search engine results. The appearance on the first few search results will enable the generation of organic traffic. Hiring a search engine optimization (SEO) company will help companies in getting their website on the first pages of search engines. In addition, social media accounts help in interacting with customers and taking their feedback. People are more active on social media and spend a lot of time scrolling through feeds. The online activity to connect with customers and keep them engaged with a brand is essential.

Logos, taglines, websites, and social media accounts are important aspects of branding. Giving attention to every aspect is essential in conveying the image of a business and build trust with customers.

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “As you can see, with branding people associate your company with positive experiences, and high-quality products and services. This will come to them even if they have not directly done business with you. Your brand is ultimately what the rest of your business will be built on.”

“Without salt, how does food taste?

How a movie will perform with a poor script?

Do you feel comfortable wearing ill-fitting clothes?

How does a track & field athlete feel if the track has a bad surface?

In business also, if the structure of the organization is great (i.e Business Name, great partners, correct registered and administrative address, logo, web-print-digital presence, brand name, etc.), by adding an Astro-Strategist, the business can make and execute decisions within a perfectly timed framework to maximize success.”