Brand Ambassadors are employed by a company or organisation to scream the word of their brand to leverage customer relations and entrust consumers to make a purchase.
They represent the values of a brand to its consumers or customers, without having the brands to use the ‘annoying in-your-face’ marketing tactics. Brand ambassadors are the not-so-secret weapon of many hot companies. They help the up-and-coming companies stand out among the many others in the field. To put it simply, “brand ambassador” is a term used in the marketing world about a person who mirrors and promotes a company. A brand ambassador endorses the products and services of a company as well as embodies its corporate identity, in appearance, demeanour, values, and voice.
Because of their importance, it is critical for companies to enlist ideal candidates to represent their brand. While we are discussing an ‘ideal’ candidate here, who better than our sportsmen for the job, for they represent a country and its emotion on the ground.

Why Sportsmen ?

India’s Top Astro Sports Strategist, Influencer And Sports Adviser in the field of Branding and Marketing, Hirav Shah tells us as to ‘why sportsmen are positioned as brand ambassadors’ ?

  1. Sports personalities display a sense of credibility and since they are credible, they offer many benefits – the most important being, the ability to give the brand a boost on social media, spreading positive messages and influencing consumer sales.
  2. Traditionally, Sportsmen are known to create brand-awareness and act as ‘brand developers’ better than other celebrities. Sportsmen strategically promote their brand through Ads, Commercials, Consistent social conversations with people, followers, fans and others in their network to boost brand awareness and revenue.
    Popular brands are of the view that a sports personality can speak positively about a product to bolster sales and create brand awareness and therefore they are really important for any top brand, and therefore more and more companies are also following suit.
  3. Sports personalities provide visibility to the brands they are associated with, by boosting brand awareness and ultimately sales. On social, they market the company through channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., and essentially create buzz for the brands they are associated with. The strength of sportsmen as brand ambassadors’ lies in their ability to strengthen the customer-product/service relationship and influence their own audience. Most commonly, the sportsmen promote, provide customer service, and act as general cheerleaders for their brand. They also reap the benefits of being associated with different brands. From expanding their professional network to free swag, sportsmen may also gain incredible experience in customer service, product development, as well as general marketing strategy.
  4. Sports are one of the world’s favourite pastimes. Sports doesn’t discriminate on the basis of colour, where someone’s from or how much money they make. It’s one of the few things in today’s world that allows two people from completely different backgrounds to come together and share times of both happiness and sadness together.
    So, who makes this all possible? Well, it’s the sportsmen and the athletes. The same athletes who have worked for their entire lives to bring us the sports drama that we as fans fall so deeply in love with. Brands realize how much sports fans love their sports heroes and are willing to put up a lot of money to get their brand in front of those cheering fans. Especially those that have a wide base of appeal – beyond their local cities.


The Biggest Global Sports Superstars who are currently positioned as Ambassadors for various Brands are :

Roger Federer (Lawn Tennis), Cristiano Ronaldo(football), Lionel Messi(football), Neymar (football), LeBron James (basketball), Stephen Curry (basketball), Kevin Durrant (basketball), Tigers Woods (golf), Kirk Cousins (American football), Carson Wentz (American football) and Virat Kohli (cricket).
Meanwhile, Celebrated Astro Strategist, Sports Strategist Hirav Shah who has carved a special place for himself in the fields of Corporate Businesses, Politics, Sports, Entertainment industry, Tourism and Hospitality, Real Estate sector and many other areas, with his business insights and command over astrology lauds the marketing strategy of the brands who use sportsmen as their faces, however he points out the fact the ‘Sustainence in the Market is very important as well’ and in this cut-throat competition he tells the brands, companies and biggest players in business-
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