A career in the film industry can be very dicey. Hence once you make a name in your career, you have to do something to strongly hold your position. What can be better than astrological help for marking a consistency of fame in your career? Getting rings that are influenced by the right planets can make or break your career.

Negative Capacity can Help

Since the film industry is a field where business can get pretty nasty at times, you cannot afford to remain ethical at all times. According to Astro-Strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah, sometimes an apparently negative power can help you to firmly set your foot.

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Rahu – Normally considered as the ‘demon’, he can help you climb the ladder with his penchant for competitions and unethical challenges. If you have a strong union of Rahu and Mars, it will make you ready to face any situation. Since Rahu makes a person self-oriented, you will look at nothing, but your fame in the span of your career.

Ketu – With a strong Ketu in your chart, you will be kept away from unhealthy or unethical competitions. A positive Ketu will inspire you to have detachment and spirituality. His behaviour depends on ‘nakshatra lords’ and will help you to remain ahead of others in the entertainment industry.

It needs a lot of affluence from the planetary positions to hold your position in the film industry. Contact an astrologer to know what more can be done to achieve your goal.

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