The entertainment industry has an immense effect on our lives. If you are a producer and are about to invest your hard-earned money into a project, you surely would not want it to tank at the box office! The best way to ensure success is to consider the position of the planets and know about what will favor you before judging whether a certain film will be worth your pennies or not.

Things to Consider Before Investing in a Project

The film industry is quite competitive in nature, and your role as a producer can be prone to risk. As per Astro-Strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah, first of all do GAP Analysis and SWOT Analysis, Understand Project in terms of upcoming transit and planetary positions of shooting places, choosing correct cast and crew of the film and should be compatible with project, Also try to understand  time of the release as per astrology too, etc before investing in a project

Apart from noticing the birth data (place of birth/time/date) of the actors, actresses and the director of the movie, the one most important thing is the name and the spelling of the movie’s title as suggested by any Vedic astrologer.

Numerology will give you an idea about the team spirit and the temperament of everyone working in the project.

Without the producer’s money, it is impossible to start shooting for any film. So you as a producer should get the right astrological help before investing your money, and see how the project rises in the box office with the right affluence of planets.

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