Are you worried your business growth is slowing down? Check out these 8 reasons your marketing strategy might not be working, and what changes you should be making.

  • Do you want to showcase your work to a greater audience?
  • Is your digital marketing strategy up to the mark?
  • Are you not getting enough spectators?
  • Do you want to analyze your strategy?

Here’s a guide to building up your digital marketing strategy.

Many questions but very few entrepreneurs know the right answers to these baffling questions. We consulted the very famous and celebrated Business Astrologer cum Business Strategist. Mr. Hirav Shah to shed some light on why Marketing strategies fail in spite of huge funding. Hirav Shah as everyone knows is making India and Indians proud on a global platform with his unique mix of business strategies combined with astrology to help entrepreneurs all over the world to maximize their full potential and achieve the desired results in a shorter span of time.

Hirav Shah recalls that a few months back when he was keeping a low profile, thought of just putting a question on his Facebook personal profile that if any entrepreneurs need his guidance or have any doubts about their Business and its Growth. After he posted it, he was expecting around 50-60 queries but much to his astonishment, he received 6190 queries!! UNBELIEVABLE?? Not Really. Going by his popularity and the trust people have in him, it was always going to be like this.

Hirav Shah Ji always wanted to help Entrepreneurs free of cost who have huge potential but struggling in life. After getting an unexpected result, he started a facebook page under the name of Hirav Shah Astro Strategist on May 30, 2020. In the last five months, his FB page has gained more than 1.7 lakh followers.

Here is the link for the same

That’s when he thought that he should connect more with his followers as there are many amateur and even established entrepreneurs who are in need of the right guidance.

Talking on the topic of Digital Marketing Hirav Shah says, “Marketing is the backbone of the business. It’s the main factor your business growth depends on. So it’s important to have an effective strategy- to produce a steady flow of leads and increase your insights. While looking forward to 2021, it’s projected that marketing leaders will spend 75% of their marketing budget on digital marketing, rather than traditional marketing.”

“Marketing is simply attracting those you want and repelling those you don’t want”…quotes Hirav Shah

He adds, “Every business that exists relies heavily on marketing to fuel its growth. Effective marketing has the ability to produce a predictable and steady flow of leads for a business, which ultimately results in paying customers. However, if the flow of your leads dry up or you aren’t one of the 61 percent of small businesses that invest in social media marketing, your business growth will slow down.”

“This situation is a frightening one for every business owner. If you want to ensure you find success, check out these right reasons your marketing strategy might not be effective, so you can make some changes.e

1. You may not be targeting the correct audience

Most companies fail to understand the ideal audience for their products. Knowing about your audience is important for digital marketing activities which include your content, which type of medium you use, or what message you convey. The target audience is most likely to be the combination of your customers or the ones who haven’t reached your site yet. So, it’s important to have a plan for targeting spectators in a specific and effective way.

2. You may not be having a formal digital marketing strategy

This is one of the most common mistakes made by companies. How you execute your ideas, tactics, and trends is the foremost important thing. And hence, a strong digital marketing plan lets your work give a boost. All the elements should be put together in a proper way, the things need to be posted at a preferable time. You also need to track your and monitor your marketing strategy regularly.

3. You may not be keeping in mind the importance of SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Most of the google users do not jump to the other section of the search results and here your rank comes in. These days marketers have a basic understanding of SEO. But SEO is a far bigger picture than that.SEO is about keywords and the backlinks you use in your content. The effective use of these has a large amount of influence on SEO. The algorithm keeps on changing and updating all the time. The same techniques can also be used on other social media platforms for improving your ranking in the search results.

4. You may not be using the paid advertising on social media

Social media has always been an effectively helpful platform to grow your spectators. It helps you in building a greater insight free of cost. Promoting your brand on social media without any paid advertising is not an easy task. It’s time taking and does not assure you to increase your audience. But to take your social media handle/brand to a greater mark you need to invest in social media marketing from your digital marketing budget. This will not only help you in targeting the audience but also, it will transform your page into a top lead generator.

5. You may not be investing your marketing budget wisely

Budget analysis in digital marketing is important. Most companies fail to have an effective and impressive marketing budget. Instead, they feel the most expensive option would be best for them. Companies need to focus and look for the most cost-effective techniques. Tools like Allocadia, Freeagent Hive9 helps you in organizing your budget and in delivering a higher ROI( Return of investment).

6. You may not be using all the platform

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s not only about creating your social handles on every social platform. You have to update them on a daily basis. You have to post things related to your brand/product in a descriptive time. This will help your page to target a greater number of audience. Also, it’s important to understand the algorithm of social platforms. Using hashtags, posting things according to your viewer’s online stats, checking the age group of the audience- these insights provide you with a brief of your customers/viewers. Another point which most marketers fail to understand is that digital marketing is more than promoting your brand on social media. In fact, using other platforms like youtube, radio, newspapers, etc. Will give your company a boost. Through YouTube, being the second most popular social platform, you can target people based on demographics like age, gender, parental status, and interests. Advertising your product on radio and newspaper will help you to target the audience which is out of reach to the social media platforms.

7. Connection with influencers

Developing good relations with influencers and investing in them is the new effective marketing strategy now. Many companies invest while others think that it’s a waste of money. And this may result in the downfall of your insights. So it’s important to understand that marketing with influencers is worth it. In fact, 80% of marketers find it as an effective marketing strategy. You just need to find out the right person to work with and who suits and promote your brand better. They help in growing awareness about your product which can boost up your sales.

8. You should not expect immediate results

Most companies fail to understand that their consumers need more time before making a decision to buy their products. The higher the price of the product, the more time will be taken by your consumers. Having great sales immediately is not possible. You need to give time to your audience as well as your company to set a trust.

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “If your marketing campaign is not working as well as you’d like, your business is in a vulnerable position. The great news is that you can still make changes to get your business out of the rut and on track. Make sure you have a clear message and that you’re working to build a brand that positions you as an expert in your industry. Double-check to ensure you’re targeting the correct market and never fail to nurture your relationships.”

Finally, Hirav Shah tells, “Take advice from an Astro strategist as well who can provide you the momentum you eagerly want! It helps you understand how you can use marketing to interest potential consumers. If you go fishing and you know where the fish are, what kind of reels to use, what kind of baits they like, then you can catch them successfully. So, don’t make the mistake of casting bigger nets, try to be specific in your marketing methods and let Astrology guide you.these tips and run with them and you can revamp your marketing strategy into one that is highly successful.”