The main purpose of technology is to evolve and refine itself until it is replaced by new, better and usually more expensive with improvised features. In that matter, the bicycle industry is also not an exception. With the launch of new materials and digital technology, the two-wheeler industry is developing at a fast pace and making it faster, lighter and smarter user-friendly riding/ sports equipment says reputed business and Astro strategist

Banking on the available technology, a wide range of well-designed cycling models that can smoothly integrate a compact motor and slim battery have been launched in the market. After observing numerous bicycle trends across the world, Hirav Shah shortlisted seven happening cycle trends for the viewers.

1) Demand for Tubeless Tires is growing

Usually, tubeless tires have been prevalent in mountain bikes but in recent times the trend is slowly changing. More amateur and pro riders are switching to tubeless tires, and the benefits they offer are outstanding, for mountain bikes and road bikes alike. The lower rolling resistance increases the general speed of the bicycle, and the sealant inside greatly lowers the chance of a flat tire.

As the demand is mounting for the tubeless tires, popular companies are tilting towards the new trend and coming up with customer-friendly bicycle models.

2) E-bikes

According to industry experts, E-bikes are going to rule the future. Manufacturing companies predict a 3x increase in their market share over the next five years just by focusing on E-bikes. For now, the main feature that most e-bike designers are emphasizing is flexibility.

There is an upward trend in foldable e-bike models that are very large, have an unusual construction, and are foldable in the middle. That makes e-bikes ideal for commuters, but that doesn’t mean that e-bikes are restricted to city rides as they are now being used for road/mountain trips also. There are some interesting electric mountain bikes that really work.

3) Bikepacking setup

Considering the pandemic circumstances, people are interested to go to some peaceful and less crowded outdoor locations for a trip. In the given case, bikepacking with backpacking comes into the frame. Well, there is no doubt that it is incredibly satisfying to hit the trail with a bicycle, or explore an unknown country with your bicycle!

Observing the trend, bicycle manufacturing companies are offering more feature-packed bicycles for their customers, such as more mounts, lower gear ratio, direct-mount frame packages, and improvements in carbon bike construction.

4) Indoor Cycling

Thanks to the increasing popularity of indoor cycling through various apps such as Zwift, Wahoo, Tacx, and SRM, Indoor cycling is seeing good growth from the past couple of years. Adding to it, the worldwide spread of the pandemic is also one of the reasons why many people are showing interest in indoor cycling.

Experts opinion that this cycling market segment has a bright future and the manufacturing units are designing the indoor cycles according to the convenience of the customers.

5) Gravel Bikes

Gravel bike manufacturers have started increasing the versatility of gravel bikes that fuse them with touring bikes as well as other categories. Mudguards and luggage racks are becoming more prevalent features of gravel bicycles.

High-end features such as the hydraulic disc brakes and a frame geometry that promotes more comfort are major advantages of Gravel bikes.

6) Road bikes tires are being designed wider

Earlier, there used to be only three tire sizes – 23,25 and 28 millimetre-wide tires. With the release of the Domane road bicycle from Trek, a new standard is popping up, which is sure to dramatically streamline the number of bicycle categories.

Following the suit, currently, the manufacturing companies are going with 38 millimetre-wide tires and getting approval from the concerned road safety departments.

7) Aero bikes

As of now, the demand for Aero bikes is not that great but market experts believe that a lot of specialized aero bikes are expected to be launching in the market in the next few years. A more promising trend is aero components in different types of bikes.

More companies are implementing aerodynamic parts in their bicycles and that trend is expected to continue further. The designs of SuperSix Evo and the Orbea Oca OMX bicycles are the best way to spot Aero bikes. Reportedly, the main targets these bicycles are aiming for are lightweight and aerodynamic properties.


It may be to avoid the risk of contamination on packed public transport post-pandemic or growing awareness on the health, whatever may be the reason, the demand for bicycles and trendy cycle bikes has been witnessing a good growth across the globe. Considering various factors interlinked with health and safety, business Astrologer and Astro strategist Hirav Shah conclude by recommending to try the above-mentioned best and contemporary trends in the bicycle market.