Beverages are one of the essential components of any restaurant. They require lesser investment and have more profit margin. They also provide relief to your customers and prompt them to stay longer. Thus, it is very important that you market your beverages correctly to enjoy the revenue that accompanies them, says Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

The best thing about beverage sales is that the cost of goods sold is only about 20% making it one of the highest profit margin products you can sell. And also since it is an easy sell, it’s no wonder every restaurant owner would like to increase liquor sales for the success of his business.

Hirav Shah says, “Want to get more beverage orders on your food ordering system? There are very small changes which, if made, can bring a huge difference in your drink’s sales. Know about all of them in detail and how you can implement them at your venue. Keep reading further and tell us what works for your business. Nowadays competition increases in the restaurant business so sales are getting down, but if you work with proper tips and tricks your sales will never go down. There are some important tips and tricks below you can follow if your restaurant beverages sales are down and you want to increase them easily just by following some steps.”

Let us start with listing all your special and commonly served beverages on your food ordering system. Then here are a few more tips from Hirav Shah for you to follow to see a remarkable improvement in your beverage sales.

Utilize happy hours

Happy hours are a trend around the world and if your restaurant is not utilizing them, then you’re definitely lacking behind your competitors. Customers will be most likely to come to your venue during this period because they get a good deal on food and drinks. If they end up liking something, they will order it the next time for sure.

Hire a bartender

Lots of bars and restaurants around the world have now started hiring bartenders that are a source of entertainment. Also, they are skilled in their work. Thus, you can get involved with them and create unique drinks for your restaurant.

Suggest taste tests

Most of the customers love to try things for free and especially the ones recommended by the restaurant itself. Offer them taste tests of your newly prepared or signature drinks. This will encourage them to order more of the drinks if the taste is as per their satisfaction.

Create a bar along with your waiting area

When people visit your restaurant, they spend time in the waiting area. You can include a bar in that section. The customers can use your food ordering system to check the menu and satisfy their thirst by the time their food arrives. This is a very good strategy to let them use their time patiently while benefiting your sales.

Offer constant promotions

Promotional items definitely have the potential to sell out. If you offer promotions or special deals on drinks, they will be a preferable order option for all your dine-in as well as takeaway customers. This will help you sell and earn more as a meal is surely incomplete without drinks and if they can get them at low costs then bingo.

Have a little bit of everything

Don’t just offer strong drinks or a certain style and taste only. Every customer has a different mood during different times of the day. Keep at least one drink for celebrating every mood of theirs. Whether they want something sweet, sour, salty, have something up your sleeve.

Post online

Social media is one of the best places to attract customers. Post mouth-watering images on your account. People can’t resist visual appeal very easily and will end up placing an order. Allow them the convenience of using an order food online system so that their order placement process can be smoother.

Hirav Shah says, “These are some ways in which restaurant owners can increase their liquor sales in their restaurants. Each one can be fruitful and some may not be suitable for every restaurant business but I hope that they help in brainstorming new marketing tactics and ideas that restaurateurs can use to make more money with their restaurant beverage sales.

Shah adds, “To increase sales you have to build a strong relationship with your customers. Remember that a loyal customer will always bring more prospects.

Business to Consumer (B2C) is the key for both revenue and sales. Mercury, Moon, Jupiter, and Venus play an important role to build relations with your customers. All 4 planets Movements, Combinations, Transit, Nakshatra, etc can help to build revenue and sales too.

Auspicious and Bad dates should be considered while making sales strategies. Most of the time it helps to convert your first or follow ups meetings into sales. That’s how you can improve your Return on investment also.”

“Astrology science can help to increase the sales and revenue of your restaurant business by taking all the decisions at the right time with the right people,” says Hirav Shah.