From mobile phones to dental services, it’s rare to blindly make a purchase decision without reading through several online reviews. In 2016, 90% of shoppers read at least one online review before deciding to visit a business.

In this column, celebrated Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah talks about the crucial role played by online reviews in creating a good or bad image for your business amongst your customers.

Hirav Shah says, “Having easy access to the web has radically changed the way people shop for almost everything today.

He adds, “More importantly, 94% of online shoppers reported that a negative review has convinced them to avoid visiting a business.

This means that whatever your industry, having a positive online presence gives you several key advantages, which is why it’s becoming a key part of branding.

Understanding why you need online reviews will help you optimize your customer experience to help create a positive online footprint.

According to Hirav Shah, here are some reasons why online reviews are essential for your brand

Social Proof Drive Purchases

People are more likely to make a purchase if others around them have made that; even total strangers- agree that it’s a good decision. Now, online reviews are the biggest source of social proof and they have a clear impact on sales.

They Make You More Visible

Many shoppers look on search engines like Google, Bing, and Facebook, when deciding what to buy. They have their own ways of indexing and evolving content, but they all value unique and fresh content, and customer reviews can help feed the content machine, and also keep your brand favored by the algorithm.

It also gives you a sturdy pipeline of positive content that search engines worth highly when choosing which result to return. And when you rank higher than algorithms and people alike are likely to see your website as a specialist in your industry, which also leads to more business.

They Make You Look Trustworthy

Your brand can generate trust and reliability from a sturdy stream of positive reviews. Many customers distrust businesses that have a down rating, and this leaves a small boundary of error at the top. But companies with a better average rating are more likely to see views transformed to traffic and sales. And the method customers talking about you are just as important as the fact that they are saying your name. Having a highly positive impression will ultimately help your enterprise more sales.

They are Increasingly Essential to Decision Making

A proactively sophisticated brand is one that grows your online visibility and now, that means promising several methods for people to talk about you. Social media is an abundant tool, but the ability of consumers to talk about you on other networks is an essential factor for your presence.

They Give You a DirectAccess to Reach to Consumers

More than simply posting the review, consumers today expect companies to respond to their comments. These reviews also give you an opportunity to be truthful with customers and emphasize positive reviews with thanks or promotions. It also gives you a way to quickly resolve a poor review and show that you care.

Concluding the discussion, Hirav Shah says, “The way you market your brand is important, but having people talk about you is a great way to enhance your message. By encouraging positive conversations about your brand, you can quickly and clearly improve your marketing efforts. Online customer reviews are here to stay, and the longer you wait to start encouraging them, the more you stand to lose. Online customer reviews appear to be a great avenue for grabbing consumer’s attention and increasing sales. Their significance is tremendous as they are important to a vast majority of consumers and they are also responsible for securing your online visibility in search rankings. Furthermore, as they increase in importance and more competitors are encouraging customer reviews, your involvement is only going to become even more necessary.”

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