You are starting a new venture and are apprehensive about the outcome. Keep an eye for divinity’s signals and you will get your answer.

Written below are some positive indications for the success of your business.

You keep seeing the number 8

In China, the number 8 is considered lucky because when you pronounce it in Chinese, it sounds similar to the word that denotes ‘wealth.’ So if you  come across the number 8 in addresses, cash registers and phone numbers – it means that your business is sure to witness good days.

But In India, Number 8 is not considered lucky number. Number 8 represents Saturn and its one of the extreme planet and one of the slowest moving planet.

A pet adopts you

Animals are great judges of character, and trust me, they are choosy too. If you notice that a dog follows you home/office or a cat keeps turning up for food, it is a symbol that you are lucky and that ill omen cannot come come near you. This is even true for black cats!

Bird blesses you

Imagine that you are about to open your new business file while standing under a lamp post and bird poop falls on the shiny cover of the file. Or, yikes! On your head! Yes, you will have to clean it up, but on the bright side, you might see some good luck coming your way.

You notice an ivy bed in your home

Is your home/business establishment growing a bed of ivy somewhere? If yes, you are surely in luck! Not just does ivy come with its share of fairy-tale charm and prettiness, it is a lucky charm too. You may grow ivy on your premises to keep bad luck at bay.

Be aware and try to identify if any of these signals have revealed themselves to you.

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