By now we are aware of the fact that Hirav Shah has been instrumental in transforming many struggling businesses and that too in 2020 as well.
Hirav Shah is also known to be the most Influential Adviser for the movies. In this article, Shah throws light on effective marketing tips for films, which can make the business’s graph rise, like never before.


Ten years ago, a film’s marketing strategy was pretty straightforward – ads on television, large hoardings on roads, shows at various venues like shopping malls, colleges, schools, cafes, hotels, railway platforms and a spread on the paper. But how many eyeballs was this really grabbing? And how many of them would translate into ticket sales on a Friday? There was no way of knowing.

But today, film marketing is largely hinged on data crunching. A trending hashtag or a Facebook post can pin down the location, age and gender of a potential ticket buyer.

Film promotions on digital platforms is still a relatively new phenomenon. The first ever film to have a trailer launched only on YouTube was Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in 2011. Today it’s become fashionable for a film to boast about how many million views a song or trailer has amassed in 24 hours.

So, in a nutshell, the real game changer here is technology. Digital teams can now track every Tweet, Facebook post and YouTube comment around a film without breaking a sweat. All you need is a software that processes all the chatter around a movie and puts them into three buckets – positive, negative and neutral, Opines Shah.

Now, here are 4 Essential Marketing Tips, As Suggested By Hirav Shah.

1.Focus on moviegoers

An efficient approach starts with reaching the right individuals. Focusing on consumers who are not likely to go to the movies is a waste of digital marketing funds. Instead of broadly reaching the masses, digital should be used to focus on the consumers who have the highest likelihood of going to the movies– actual moviegoers. Having access to data on past ticket purchases at the title level and TV consumption at the show level to understand a consumer’s unique movie and content preferences is a great place to start.

2.Reach moviegoers on their preferred device

The average consumer now spreads their digital time across, nearly four devices and switches from device to device throughout each day. As audience attention becomes increasingly fragmented, the ability to reach the same individual across all their devices, particularly their preferred device for a given contextual moment, is the KEY. One of the primary problems with most cross-device solutions today is that, they are simply tying devices together rather than linking them back to an actual, verifiable consumer. Movie marketers need a consumer-centric approach to cross device, which entails accurately recognizing a consumer across their devices and tying those devices back to persistent central profiles (as opposed to simply tying devices together). This practice ensures that all messaging is informed by a rich, historical and ongoing understanding of the individual, and equally important, it allows for 1:1 measurement without modeling.

3.Diversify and personalize your message

With digital marketing, movie studios are afforded unlimited opportunities to engage consumers. Just like any normal conversation, those interactions should be unique to the individual, different everytime, and picked up right where they left off from the last interaction. It’s not just about connecting with moviegoers in the moment, it’s about having a conversation with them over time. The point is, too many movie studios deliver advertising messages that fail to connect to a consumer because the message is general and does not tap into a known trait or preference of the individual. By maintaining a connection with moviegoers online over time – instead of one-off connections around whenever a new movie is being released – marketers can deliver diverse and personalized messages that drive action.Therefore, with an ingenious digital marketing plan, the possibilities are endless.

4.Extend your campaign beyond opening weekend

Movie studios should consider extending the opening weekend to the full opening week and extend their marketing funds accordingly, as there is significant potential to drive action with would-be moviegoers in the days after the new release.


Movie studios and production houses of the country are under immense pressure to deliver better revenue- results in 2021, which will continue to be a challenge, as consumers add more devices and are given more choices for video content, across a variety of channels. TV, radio, and outdoor will continue to be important parts of the media mix, but the marketers who adopt a more efficient approach to engaging the right audiences via digital in combination with traditional marketing methods will have the biggest breakthrough at the box office this year.

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