Despite the upheaval the coronavirus pandemic had brought, uneasy times also set a course for inventions and innovations.
Radial, revolutionary and ground-breaking innovations have indeed brought -in a dramatic positive change in lives of innumerable people, this year.
Thanks to the first doses of the Covid-19 vaccine rolling out across the country, India will very soon return to a great degree of normalcy, Says Hirav Shah, Celebrated Astro-Strategist Cum Business Astrologer.


The Government of India has an ambition to make the country a $5 trillion economy in the next five years, hence the Pharma sector will be a vital sector for the same, certainly, Says Hirav Shah.

On that note Shah Predicts, the pharma and healthcare sector could be the ‘target sector’ in Budget 2021.

The pharma sector has played a pivotal role during this ongoing pandemic which has shook the world economy, India being no different. Being an essential sector, it actually rose to the occasion — first in identifying and supplying medicines to control the breakout.

Therefore, networking is vital and indispensable for this sector ; for small, medium and large pharma companies.

And below mentioned are the most effective ways to network, as suggested Hirav Shah, Top Business Strategist and Astrologer.

1.Building profitable patient relationships: Work in tandem with patients in building solutions, in partnership with institutions, physicians and patient associations. If an ongoing sustainable relationship is built with patients, institutions and physicians, by establishing mutual trust, companies can benefit by getting a plethora of useful data on patient preferences, effectiveness of medicines in the market, key pain points of patients and physicians, and so on. These insights, if then used for product development and for improving service, will directly benefit the patient and physician communities.

2.Capturing the value: While profits are a clear indicator of the value captured, healthcare outcomes and positive patient behaviour are clear indicators of sustainable value. This value can be captured only through two-way communication between patients and life sciences companies. If pharma companies get access to timely patient feedback on products and services and potential future needs, value can be captured faster and create competitive advantage for companies. Patients would also get benefit of this two-way communication as it can be used to raise awareness and nudge patients to take proactive action. A recent study has proven that patients value services but are often unaware of them. Combining information and services with medication builds relationships, reduces costs and improves outcomes.

3.Listening through multiple channels: Monitor what patients are saying across multiple forums including company websites, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to get critical insights. Companies can now receive alerts when there is a potential brand reputation crisis and have systems in place to respond to the situation effectively. Instead of conducting time-consuming focus groups and market research questionnaires, they can benefit from lower cost interactions with customers, and by providing more opportunities for customers to self-serve through shared information and mutually supportive relationships online.

4.Using Skill & Strategy : Designing, implementing, managing and leveraging digital platforms to deliver an integrated and differentiated user experience requires investment, not just in technology but also in people. The workforce needs to be skilled for a digitally evolving environment. Together with a digitally savvy workforce, companies that capture the imagination of consumers and become part of their daily wellness experience will lead the pharma industry.

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