Initially, Instagram started off as an image-sharing social website and now it has bloomed into a large social giant that can be one of the most significant platforms to get more leads and to drive more revenue for the businesses.

World-famous Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah says, “Change with the trend they say! Similar to other social media websites, Instagram marketing has also evolved over time. The focus is on being more interactive with your audience!”

Speaking about this latest trend Hirav Shah adds, “The number of brands incorporating Instagram marketing into their business strategy has surged in recent years. While just over half of business marketers used Instagram in 2016, more than 80% will do so by 2021. It’s no wonder: Instagram has a billion monthly active users, and an advertising audience of more than 889 million.”

Hirav Shah takes a look at the best marketing techniques on Instagram to reach your target customers.

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing on Instagram has gained momentum and it is proved to be extremely beneficial. If you haven’t considered influencer marketing till now on Instagram, it’s time to start right away. Influencers are Instagram users who have built a large number of loyal followers through their posts and through the information they share. The followers of these influencers idolize them and respect the opinions they share.

Basically, influencer marketing is getting in touch with one or more influencers on Instagram and asking them to share information about your products, posting reviews about your products, or recommending your products. This is one of the most efficient ways of reaching out to your target audience as it looks more genuine to your audience. Rather than approaching potential customers directly, you can get in touch with influencers to talk about your products and services. You can go according to your marketing budget, start by approaching one influencer to ask him/her to post a video review about your products and services, if that works well for you, you can get in touch with more influencers. This is definitely a worthwhile investment for your business as the experts will be recommending your products or services.

2. Add The Relevant Hashtag

The hashtag game is pretty strong on Instagram! You might be posting the most interesting updates, but without the relevant hashtag, your post is not seen by a huge audience. Instagram enables content to search through its ‘Discover’ tab on the basis of a hashtag search query. Users can follow the preferred hashtag and similar to the following Instagram profiles, the content that is published using these hashtags will be displayed in the follower’s feeds. It is proved that the Instagram posts that make use of the appropriate hashtags gain an increased user engagement in comparison to the posts that don’t. You can add a hashtag just by adding the #symbol prior to the main keywords in your post and a linked hashtag will be displayed. Make sure to add hashtags in your Instagram posts and updates for getting noticed by a more number of people.

3. Plan Your Posts Strategically

Ideally, your Instagram posts should be a combination of information, fun posts, images, videos, etc. The idea is to get people interested and engaged. For instance, if you have posted a link to your latest blog post, your next update can be a funny or interesting image. If you only make serious posts on Instagram with no fun, people won’t be interested in seeing your updates anymore. You can also post images and updates about the latest happenings.

For example, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, you can create an image or video about the general safety measures or for motivating people. Think from the point of view of the spectator, what would you like to see, and plan your posts accordingly.

Create suspense about your next post, make your posts interesting, have contests and polls, help people understand your products and services through interesting and informative videos. Remember, there is no ground rule while planning your posts; you have to try out different types of posts and see what works for your audience. Once you know what your audience likes seeing, you will start generating content that is loved by people.

4. Embrace Instagram Stories

Instagram’s stories are short, and they have a great impact. If your Instagram stories are perfectly framed, they can catch your audience’s eyes immediately. Your Instagram stories can be what you want them to be. There are many interesting features provided by Instagram for putting up your stories. People might browse through your posts quickly without paying much attention, but they will definitely stop by your Instagram story because this is the general trend. When the users start browsing Instagram, they first look for the stories that have been put up, and they prefer to take a quick glance at them. You can post anything in your story, the latest blog update, some general information, discounts and offers, quotes, etc. Make it a habit to post Instagram stories consistently and this will add up to your brand awareness.

Hirav Shah tells, “The year 2021 and the close coming years are all about creating a mark on social media and Instagram is one of the most impactful social media websites. You ought to make your business brand known on Instagram. Strike conversations with your audience, communicate, and come up with new and creative updates. Sometimes your posts will be liked by people and sometimes they won’t be liked but it will all work for you in the long run. If your content is interesting and visually appealing, you will definitely make your presence count on Instagram.”

“Realize that your Instagram journey is never over.

While that might sound daunting, your Instagram profile is like your business – an enterprise that is constantly growing and evolving while forging ever-deeper links with its followers.”

In concluding the discussion Hirav Shah says, “Every business reaches out to its consumers through Advertising and Marketing Strategies, which are key elements to achieve sales. A lot of money, time, and energy are spent on success here. In this Digital-age, advertising platforms have become so diverse, that most of us are confused about which one to opt for. Sometimes we drain our resources by playing in all the directions. That is why “you should utilize Astrology to make advertising strategies for your business” Give direction to your strategy, reach the goal faster!”