This year, organic growth will be the way forward, as the crisis has reinforced the need to own a home amongst Indians. Lowered home loan rates, attractive payment plans, and the depreciated value of the rupee will also feed into demand.

Real Estate Strategist Hirav Shah has been in the business of advising builders, developers, players & realtors for many years. He knows the real estate business in and out and can provide solutions that are completely customised, irrespective of whether you are a large, medium or small developer or builder.


In commercial real estate, markets will continue to recover as leasing activities will gain momentum. Apart from office leasing, co-working spaces, warehouses, and data centres are expected to register a sharp increase in leasing.

As healthy moderation in the economy sets in, the real estate industry will continue to revive and bounce back this year. Sales numbers have significantly jumped in most of the major cities in India in January itself, painting a positive picture for the rest of the year. Most of the rating agencies and banks have also estimated that the Indian economy is set to grow in the range of 8-10% in FY 2021. This will further push demand, Explains Hirav Shah, Real Estate Adviser & Astro-Strategist.

On that note Hirav Shah Says, Networking Is A Very Important & Vital Aspect Of This Sector, Hence He Pens Down As How To Network Effectively, Here.

1.Attend conferences and industry events

Remember that real estate networking events are about engaging with other professionals in your industry. Treat conferences as opportunities to learn about new market information and innovations your colleagues are using. Share conference thoughts in real time on social media. Don’t just network within your industry — diversify. If you have been living and working in your area for a long time, you might already be buddies with the other realtors in your area. Try to expand your geographical network by engaging with influencers from other geographical areas. These new connections can offer new ideas and strategies. Also, make a point to look up your past connections for coffee or drinks. It is a great way to maintain and strengthen your relationships.

2.Social Media

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you’re probably somewhat aware of how social media is taking over the world. While you might be tired of your friends’ constant Twitter updates or food pictures on Instagram, social media is actually one of the best ways to build your real estate investor network.

Whether or not you are a fan of social media, it is revolutionizing the real estate industry in terms of networking. A real estate investor network is arguably the most important asset any investor possesses. If you are lacking certain individuals in your investor network, it can have a negative impact on how quickly you are able to close a deal.

Let’s say you own several rental properties and you have a tenant who is vandalizing the property. You need to get them evicted, but it is unlikely that you are well-versed in the legal implications of evictions. If you had a versatile real estate investor network, you could be on the phone with your real estate attorney in minutes. However, if your network is full of holes, you now have a major problem on your hands.

Use social media to create a well-rounded network, as to avoid complications that might cause you to miss out on finding deals.

3.Become Involved In Your Local Community

Knowing how to build rapport with others and relate to different types of people is key when it comes to networking. For real estate developers, establishing a consistent presence within your own community is important, too. Community involvement will not only expand your client base, it will strengthen your knowledge of the neighbourhoods where your properties are located and of the people who live in them. Real estate professionals can develop their community presence in a myriad of ways like:

(1) Through Local Sponsorship
(2) Volunteers
(3) Local Radio / Media
(4) By Joining local networking groups, non-profit boards, or arts associations whose activities interest and inspire you.

Why Consult

Now we are aware of the fact that India’s real estate sector is attracting interest from occupiers and investors looking at the long-term horizon.
With further relaxation provided by the government post COVID, employers and employees are seeking the right balance of in-office and remote working options.
As we move forward, the year will see a steady flow of investment as easy liquidity by global central banks will ensure interest rates are low and funds will chase investments with high yields.

Still uncertainty, unpredictability & riskiness remain, very much…
To counter and beat them, it’s wise to consult a Strategist Cum Astrologer who can help to take on challenges with confidence & certainty.
Consulting an Astro-Strategist will ensure that you won’t get a superficial response to your current problem. Moreover you will get detailed insights for the year and a plan of action to help transform your business.
The internet has made consultations more convenient than ever — they’re just a few clicks away, after all.