Certain houses and zodiacs impact restaurants and food industries. This element can’t be ignored in case of restaurants and eateries as food is the most engrossing human desire and emotion.

It’s obligatory for restaurant owners to have absolute clarity as-to whether a newly introduced food item or dish would work or not, whether peak season will again occur or not and whether customers will again rush back or not and whether the ‘Golden Period’ will again come or not.

Need Of The Hour “Astro-Strategy”

Meanwhile, we all are aware of the fact that people take to the internet to discover new restaurants, write reviews, browse menus and make reservations. Hence, Strategy for marketing and reaching out to potential customers can sometimes be tricky in today’s digital world. You need visionary and creative restaurant strategies to draw customers in and keep them coming back for more!
Meanwhile, market-rivalry among restaurants is fierce, and you’ll need to give it your all to be successful today, more so in these testing times. Constant uncertainty in the restaurant and food business have been underwhelming and there is a need for CLARITY, to withstand today’s difficult period and future prospects too.
How is that even possible !
Astro-Strategy is Only Key, Answers Hirav Shah, Famed Business Astrologer and Strategist.

On that note let’s now elaborately discuss FAQs pertaining to “Why do Restaurants need to loop in an Astro-Strategist” ?

1. Probability of overcoming a ‘few challenges’ faced by owners of restaurants.

A- Hirav Shah says, not ‘a few’ or ‘some’ challenges but ‘All Challenges’ can be dealt with and can be overcome, through Astro-Strategy.

Understanding customer demand and staying updated, in fact ahead of the current market trends are the most vital challenges today and with an Actionable Strategy, all of these are possible.

2. Probability of attaining desired business with the same structure and system.

A.To this, Hirav Shah is of the opinion that there is no need for the set-up to change. All that is needed is updation, upgradation and consultation for the business to bloom to its full potential.

Standardising food safety norms is a vital aspect today and so, meeting and its maintenance is inevitable.

3.What about Pre Requisites.

A- Yes, with Actionable Strategy, capital, location, vendors, suppliers, employees, menu and other assets can be well managed, updated, upgraded and re-conditioned keeping in mind the changing environment and trends in market, Opines Business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

However, for the menu, re-structuring it is a must and today, a sleek, functional and online menu is imperative, Adds Shah.

4. Ways to make the business unique.

A-Emphasising on USP is the key. It will be achievable by recognising what makes your restaurant business unique and valuable to your target market.This is how your restaurant’s services will benefit your clients better than anyone else’s.

Through a well-defined strategy, “Listing your restaurant’s biggest distinctive benefits, describing your target patrons and redefining your promise” can be attained, Expresses Business Astrologer and Strategist, Hirav Shah.

5. Finally, Reasons you need an Astro-Strategic Analysis.

A- Hirav Shah says ‘You need an Astro-Strategical Analysis For:

  1. Ways to have a solid grip of the restaurant’s statistics, in order to produce the desired business.
  2. Effectively managing restaurant’s checklists and its issues.
  3. Formulating strategy to advertise and market as per the potential and current market.
  4. Flourishing an effective approach for customers /consumers
  5. Re-designing programmes and offers perfectly.
  6. Being apprised of the competition and out-performing them.
  7. Technological implementation and Partnering with online apps(loyalty programs) .
  8. Effective retaliation to the global economic scenario
  9. Making effective adjustments to changing customers’ demands and fast innovations.
  10. Finally, Developing Your Restaurant’s Brand Identity and Brand Value.


To sum it all up, we see a beacon of hope now for owners of restaurants and eateries . Light is indeed at the end of the tunnel now.
Lastly, Hirav Shah concludes by quoting : Today, Astrology is the only tool that can provide you the certainty of ‘results of your actions’ in advance. And that is how, you gain immense confidence to execute . Hence, you can undertake massive actions with the certainty of success.