Most of you think that there is only one planet related to career, however in fact all nine planets affect your career differently- Tells Veteran Business Astrologer™ and Business Transformation Expert, Hirav Shah.

On that note, Astro-Business Strategist, Hirav Shah mentions about job holders or people who are related to corporate and how a bit of Astro knowledge can help them in their careers in 2022.


Moon is mind. Actually it’s memory, and memory brings experience. If you are not able to perform properly in your new job , just because you had bad experiences in previous jobs, Moon is the real culprit and you need to do remedies related to Moon. Knowingly or unknowingly this is a very common phenomenon found in almost everyone, facing problems in jobs. So, I understood !!


If you are a victim of office politics, Venus is the culprit. Venus is your ability to bring people in your support. Politics only hit you when you have no one in support. So curing Venus will solve the problem. So, you know what to do now !!


If your bosses and colleagues are not able to understand the message you are trying to convey, they find it either very short or very long and boring, Mercury is the real culprit. There is always one guy whom you ignore because his words are irrelevant or meaningless… its Mercury. Mercury needs to be cured. Mercury is after all the planet of communication and connection.

Hope this is understood !!


If you are not able to match deadlines. You are always late for work. The job profile is too tricky and technical and you are not able to understand the how, what, where and why of your Job profile, Saturn needs to be cured.

5. Jupiter

It’s your sense of righteousness. It’s your ability to understand between right and wrong. But when Jupiter turns adverse you start calculating everything on the scale of right and wrong. This is a very weird situation. There are many people doing pretty well for so many years in an organization and one day they start talking about right and wrong in every aspect of their job.

Yes, they may be right but many times they need to keep their mouth shut about their job. If suddenly you start finding too many problems in the company ( especially after so many years of job) your Jupiter is malfunctioning. Got it !!

6. Sun

If your Boss is not happy for any reason, sometimes Boss + colleagues- You need to take care of your Sun. Trust this is clear…

7. Mars

Mars gives you energy. If you get tired very often during your work or if you don’t enjoy travelling, get-togethers, parties (all official events) etc. you have to take care of Mars.

8. Rahu:

If you have become notorious for politics or if you are blamed for groupism, backbiting and all the stuff which is not liked by all co-workers, you need to take care of Rahu.

9. Ketu

Suddenly after so many years of job if you start disliking your work for no reasons. Or in other words you have become bored out of our job, then Ketu needs to be taken care of.

Final Thoughts

The planets can foretell a lot about every aspect related to people working in the job sector or corporate.

Life doesn’t give many chances and even a single mistake can really “really cost” !!- Says Hirav Shah, India’s Most Influential Astro-Business Strategist.

Bottomline is that, if you want to climb the ladder of success at work, you will have to consult a bona-fide Business Astrologer™ and a renowned Business Advisor.

Looks like you know which door to knock now !!