Businesses are not run blindly, you have to set your own set of goals that you want to achieve effectively to thrive in the market. However, setting goals and then working towards them without action plans bring nothing but ineffectiveness, Opines Emerging Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah.

To ensure that the goals you have set for your business become achievable, you need to devise business strategies. A business strategy acts as a guide for the people working in your organization to make the right decisions at the right time.

Whether you are a businessman or an entrepreneur, you will need to develop business strategies so that your business can sustain itself in today’s highly competitive markets.

Now, developing a business strategy from scratch is a lengthy process and takes into consideration a variety of factors.

Usually, the business strategies differ from organization to organization and depend on factors like industry, type, customer base, and so on.

Not only can a strategy increase efficiency, but it can also increase productivity because there is a clear direction. A strategy can also decrease the amount of time one spends “spinning their wheels.”

A strategic plan can also go terribly wrong and lead a team into a rabbit hole of no return.” – Quotes Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah.

If the plan includes poorly executed research, unclear goals, babbling hordes of unnecessary text and poor communication, you will have a document that can only be classified as a boat anchor.

Here is a quick guide with 10 realistic and important points to cover when you are building your strategy

  1. What is the challenge you are creating a solution for, with the strategy? This should be clearly identified and become your goal.
  2. Who is your audience(s)? Be as specific as possible.
  3. What is important to your audience(s)?
  4. How can you frame the challenge you are solving, to provide a different perspective or ensure that you are solving the right problem?
  5. Be specific: Have you identified and included all your stakeholders?
  6. Clearly identify the campaign or project as you are using your tactics.
  7. Go into strategy-building with the attitude of, “How brief can I make this?” (No one wants a strategy in a binder with tabs, an index and a bibliography.)
  8. Craft and edit your message: Is what you are trying to communicate clear?
  9. Is your call to action clear and specific? That is: Does your audience know what you want them to do?
  10. Is your strategy SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive/deadline-driven)?

BUT…Will “only strategy” do in 2021 !!

Businesses In 2021

Seemingly overnight, the world changed dramatically. People started donning masks in the streets. Schools and businesses shut down, and those fortunate to stay open had to transition their workforce to a remote environment.

The pandemic brought a new reality to the world that demands a shift in the entire way businesses once operated. What you knew before no longer applies, and to stay relevant and thrive, change is now necessary.

Businesses have had to accommodate the many transformations that have occurred in the last one year and a half, such as remote workers and employees juggling work, kids and elderly parents — all while trying to achieve the same results they did before. With all the changes that their workforce is enduring, employers still need to motivate, encourage and manage employees without casual meetings over coffee or constant contact.

Additionally, the core products and services of many businesses have had to shift to accommodate evolving demands from customers in a Covid-19 world. Companies have redesigned their business models and adapted new internal and external processes to match those new changes.

As part of their heroic efforts to thrive during Covid-19, few companies have implemented technologies and solutions to facilitate enhanced communication, a positive work culture and improved employee business performance during trying times.


In the general context, for most companies, business leaders need to get creative, leaders need to revolutionise traditional systems, they need to think out of the box, they need to implement strategies to find the path or pivot, that maximizes chances of success.

But, how is that even possible !!

It is possible and only Astro-Strategy can make it possible. Astro-Strategy has made it possible.

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