Entertainment & Film Industry Astrology

Dear Entertainers,
Don’t Get lost in the shadows.
Rise above other stars.
Change the script of your life!

Entertainment & Film Industry Astrology

Dear Entertainers Not all events are Scripted in real life

Well you probably started your career in Entertainment with a mission to IMPACT your city or Nation in a profound way but that can hardly happen due to of huge uncertainty in the Entertainment world.

Surveys show that hardly 0.005% are making money and achieving their full financial potential in the Entertainment industry.

How one should increase certainty in Film Industry ?

Before taking any strategical call in Entertainment Industry in terms of selecting FILMS or PROJECTS or estimating ROI or to collaborate with any studio or to sell rights or to sign any cast and crew or to do JV etc, you should have opinions from 5 different ways.

1. Your Own Opinion
2. Opinion from your own team
3. Expert Opinion from your industry
4. Historic data / Research Analysis
5. Opinion from Astro Strategist

 So, you can have an Exit poll kind of data…Try to compare, mix and match with your own opinion and take your call. This will help you to take certain decisions and strategize to your full potential.

Strategical, Moral and Astro Strategical support can increase productivity by 96%

“In life, when you have CLARITY on where you want to go and GUIDELINES on what are the CHANCES of REACHING there, You can become UNSTOPPABLE.”

“Why earn less when you have the potential to earn more”

Astrology can give CERTAINTY OF SUCCESS in the Entertainment & Film Industry with a clear path of action.
The Entertainment & Film industry is a billion dollar enterprise and breaks its own records every year.
Yet, there is no escaping the fact that it has numerous issues at its core.

The enormous struggle and sweat of young talents and investors is a REALITY and many are seeking solace & guidance for their career and success in the Film industry.

Hirav Shah has helped countless celebrities & new dreamers to break out of their prison of struggle

Segments that can benefit with AstroStrategy in the
Entertainment and Film Industry

01 Film Industry

The entire Film industry or Motion picture industry including:
● institutions of filmmaking
● Film production companies
● Film studios
● Film directors
● Film Crew
● Film Festivals
● Actor / Actress

02 Television

With thousands of shows in so many languages, this segment includes:
● Television Production houses
● Satellite Television channels
● Numerous small screen celebrities
● Streaming services

03 Media

Incorporating technology in mass communication, this segment includes:
● Various Advertising platforms
● Magazines
● Newspapers
● Print media
● Paparazzi

04 Theme park, gaming industry

● Businesses based on themes and aimed at recreation for families

05 Event Management

● Companies that plan large scale events such as Hollywood / Bollywood Award functions
● Big Film launches, Promotional events. Live events

06 Ventures

● Celebrity owned and endorsed brands with exclusive license arrangements and global presence
● Chain of Celebrity endorsed brand stores of clothings, footwear, restaurants, etc with a segment wise guided launch and expansion
● Investors in such flagship stores and/or the brand
● Companies that are engaged in media rights and license agreements of such ventures

How Hirav Shah can change your life

● You will be able to move forward with your life, strategy, fame, project and money.
● Hirav Shah gives only unbiased opinions about your true concerns

“Behold & Experience The Wow Factor In Life”

You might have the talent, performance, right look and magnificent plans for what you wish to achieve in show biz.
But, somehow every time you tried, you felt there was something lacking and it did not work out.
Well not all situations can be dealt with in a circumscribed fashion.

With the right guidance, you can aim for the moon and shine with the stars!

Behind every Success is the Story of Hope, a Vision of Strategy, a thunder of Applause & a Legacy for Life.

This is the timeline you want. This is the timeline you can get with Astrology!

Eager Areas of Entertainment and Film Industry where they can get analysis with the use of Astrology

For Film projects / TV projects /Live Shows / Events / Celebrities / Gaming Business / Theme Park Business etc.

1) Company structure considerations
2) Analyze your revenue needs before the project
3) Find out the timeline for increasing business
4) Make perfect sales, and marketing strategies
5) Narrowing on perfect creative advertising and promotion strategies
6) Rebranding
7) Identify, Analyze and Manage Project Stakeholders
8) Image building strategies
9) Practical & possible Insights for new or existing film business acquisition
10) Astrology explains the gains or losses Of mergers and acquisitions in advance
11)SWOT analysis
12)Launching new project
13) Grow from a local Entertainment business to National/International level Entertainment Business
14) When, what and how to Choose the right project to finish before the timeline and get its expected profit and client satisfaction for Entertainment Business

Pursue your dreams with Certainty of Success,
Discuss your issues with Hirav Shah

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In life, when you have CLARITY on where you want to go and Guidelines on what are the CHANCES of REACHING there, things get less confusing.
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Dear Entertainers Not all events are Scripted
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